Ezzi Arts

Ezzi Arts

Established with motto of "quality you can trust", Ezzi Arts & Frames continues to serve the industry since 2008. Over the years, we have grown significantlyand are proud to be a leading player in the Indian framing industry. As they say, that when the large players start imitating and following your footsteps, you have made your mark. We humbly have to admit that this has been trend now in the industry.

At Ezzi Arts & Frames, we believe that this journey has been possible with the support & growth of our partenrs like you and the mutual understanding that we share with each other. We work as friends without any rules or barriers and enjoy our work.

We have in this period introduced variety of innovative ideas making it first in the industry, like new designs, new varieties, sales contests, international conventions etc., and we will continue to do so.

We import wide variety of polystyrene molding for picture frames and have joined hands with the world's biggest framing conpanies since 2008. We also supply wode range of imported Mount-boards, Prints, 3D & View Changing Prints, Machinery and accessories for creating Picture Frames. We have further extended our range of polustyrene molding for pictire frames and are able to serve you with the wide range of inovative profiles & moulds of new innovative frame designs.

We are leading by Mr. Aliasger Patanwala who has over 21 years of experience in the framing industry and are strongly supported by highly skilled and experinced team.